Arizona Grand Canyon Visit

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Would you believe that I have been living in Arizona since 1996 and two days ago was my first time up North to see the Grand Canyon? The Grand Canyon was just about an hour away from Williams, AZ where we were to ride the Polar Express train with the kids so we thought to take a day off of work and school and visit the Grand Canyon. The canyon itself is massive and my wife wanted to go on the skywalk which is a clear transparent bridge you can walk on but we found out that it was over 3 hours away out of Kingsman so we had to settle for some points in the Southern part of the Canyon.

First of all I am acrophobic and just being next to the edge of the Grand Canyon made me on edge and a little shaky, I couldn’t even step up to the very edge and the drop and view are breath taking and terribly frightening for someone who is deathly afraid of heights. Still I snapped some great photo’s and you really get a sense of just how “big” the landscape is and how small people are when you are looking at rock layers that date up to a billion years ago at the very bottom layers of the canyon. You are literally looking at the crusts history in millions of years by following the various colorations and slices of rock from top to bottom.

Here are some pictures I took of the Grand Canyon

I was really glad we finally went to see the Grand Canyon and it only took 16 years for me to finally go up there and do it.

-Justin Germino

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