Read Through Castles and Crusades

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This post is for all Role Playing players out there who are playing either Dungeons and Dragons or another D20 product. I was looking for something a little easier and less cumbersome as far as skills, feats and decided to purchase the Castles and Crusades book by Troll Lord Games.

The system however just doesn’t work for me and its limitations and variations just don’t fit with my style of game play, so far my favorite games still include Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 edition and Sword and Sorcery Scarred Lands setting.

The 4th Edition of the game just didn’t look like a good fit, I like D&D 3.5 but am going to scrap the Prestige Class system and maybe rework a custom feat/skill system. Ideally though it was the perfect gaming system and wish WoTC hadn’t dumped it in favor of 4th Edition.

-Justin Germino

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