WinAmp iPOD Sync Issues

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For some reason lately WinAmp is having problems syncing with my ipods, doesn’t matter if I use my wife’s or my own, I connect it to the computer, start up WinAmp and when I try to send a playlist or files to my iPOD it shows that they are transferring, and completed, but when I detach my iPOD none of the files are there.

It works usually when I try the same files a 2nd time, but it makes no sense why I have this problem at all and why it acts like the files are transferring when they are not. This happened when I upgraded to the latest WinAmp version of 5.5.2, I didn’t have this problem with the older 5.4 or 5.3 version of WinAmp and wonder if there is a bug of some sort.

I am going to do some further testing to see if it happens when the iPOD is plugged in prior to WinAmp being loaded, after or all the time. It is quite frustrating to load songs on your iPOD only to find they haven’t been loaded.

I just like WinAmp as a music media manager so much better than iTunes, I am reluctant to ditch it and go back to iTunes.

-Justin Germino

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Updated: May 14, 2009 — 8:14 am