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I have a guilty habit of enjoying reading the Best Buy or Fry’s electronics ads whenever they come in the paper. I can’t help it, I just like seeing what latest tech gadgets you can get and for how much they go for.

I get a kick out of seeing LCD monitors for less than $200 now, or laptops for $400, and AMD Quad Core personal computers for under $600. It is amazing how the stuff that cost thousands of dollars a few years ago is now 80% cheaper than it was back then, based on the prices dropping it isn’t unreasonable to start seeing 24″ LCD monitors for under $100 and laptops for the same within the next two years based on the way prices are dropping.

It is one of my habits, I just love perusing electronics and computer ads in the same way women like to look at clothes in departments stores, I don’t plan to buy anything yet I still have to look and enjoy seeing the products.

-Justin Germino

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