Reaching 2000 Fanpage Followers

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Was happy with the Dragon Blogger Tech fanpage milestone of reaching 2,000 fans this past weekend.


Contests were the sole driving factor in gathering this many fans in such a short time frame, and the good thing is the drop off rate seems to be faring well.  The fans stay and seem to like various articles though commenting is a little lower than I want on my fan page, I am hoping to boost up interaction a bit more.

The latest video game giveaway is a huge success, and in many ways is a great success than the Kindle Fire Giveaways because it drew in a huge number (nearly 1/2) the amount of entries as the Kindle Fire Giveaway and yet cost only about 1/4 the price of the Kindle Fire.  I also was able to bring in some of the gaming crowd I have been trying to draw to and with us doing no less than 2 video game reviews per week I was hoping to expand my gaming audience.

I am still looking to add more video game reviews to the YouTube channel though these take a lot of time to develop and I may end up having to hire additional content creators for this in the future.

I have seen the amount of traffic Facebook drives to my blog increasing dramatically over the last few months, some of this comes from the Fanpage and I am hoping to continue to see that trend.

-Justin Germino

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