Failed Chandelier Replacement

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A couple of months ago I had made an unsuccessful attempt to replace one of the lighting fixtures in our Encinitas place with one that fit the theme of the home better.  It turned out to be far more of a complicated job than I thought and in the end completely unsuccessful as a result of the odd wiring setup.

My wife and I had gone down to the local hardware store and selected one of the contemporary chandeliers that we thought would fit the living area.  The bulbs had to be dimmer bulbs as there was a dimmer switch on the wall, but I learned the hard way that LCD bulbs do not function as dimmer bulbs, and on top of it the way the wiring was tied into two separate circuits made it impossible for me to figure out how to replace the dimmer switch on the wall.


We wanted to replace the Dimmer switch with a simple on and off switch, but I could not figure out how to do this and even with consulting various guides online I was not able to get the wiring to work where the fixture could simply be on or off.

In the end I wound up reverting everything back to the original dimmer switch, though we kept the newer light fixture and just put in dimmer bulbs instead of the LCD bulbs we originally were going to use.

I may have to call an electrician to assist if I want to replace that dimmer switch again in the future.

-Justin Germino

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