Developing Custom Formidable Pro Forms

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I spent a lot of time working nights and a few hours on the weekend developing some of the longest and most complicated Formidable Pro forms I have done to date.  These forms included dozens of entries including some that spanned multiple pages which you can do with Formidable Pro.

I had customized the HTML in the forms to allow for special horizontal rules, formatting and some other text to break up sections of the forms.  In addition I had customized the email output on some of these forms so that they would allow for perfect importing when I replaced out some legacy form systems.

I gained newfound respect for Formidable Pro and I have always loved the plugin with it’s Mailchimp and Paypal integration but after customizing the output email forms so much I appreciate it’s flexibility even more now.


I did upgrade to the unlimited site license and now pretty much use it on all of my blogs and recommended Formidable Pro to all my blogging peers and anybody else looking for a WordPress form solution and needing the power of a professional form plugin.  One that allows for custom redirects, saving form post data between pages, allowing editing of forms after submission and allowing instant integration with Paypal where amount is prefilled on Paypal order screen.  These are only samples of what Formidable Pro can do for WordPress and I highly recommend you check it out for yourself.

Formidable Pro

-Justin Germino

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