Rant About Uninsured Drivers

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Ok, so many of you know that I was involved in an auto accident a few weeks ago. Another driver rear ended my car at an intersection, claimed he was insured and provided insurance to the police. It turns out the driver had let his insurance lapse just 2 weeks prior to the accident and is uninsured, now I would have to pay $500 from my own deductible to file through my own insurance company.

I had been involved in uninsured auto accidents before, 2 out of 3 times I was hit the other driver was not insured. I never received subrogation money back from my previous times. There has to be harsher penalties for uninsured drivers, and there has to be a more accurate way to validate insurance. A system where insurance cards can be scanned and instantly validated if the policy is still “valid” or has lapsed.

That other driver should have gotten a citation for failure to own insurance, but because he had a card that made it appear he was covered, he never was cited. This really bothers me, and I was so furious I felt like spewing epithets from my mouth like water flows through Moen faucets. So I am going to get a damage estimate and send the other driver a copy of the bill. I will pursue the filing in small claims courts to determine if I can somehow get this settled without having to pay a deductible to do it.

Seriously 3 accidents in 3 years that were both caused by other drivers crashing into our vehicles and 2 of the 3 are uninsured? Insurance is supposed to be mandatory, how do so many people drive without it?

-Justin Germino

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