BlogNetAwards Best Blog Of February 2009

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Thanks to all of my fans and readers who voted to make this blog the winner of the February 2009 BlogNetAwards. I have promoted BlogNetAwards before and can’t tell my readers enough that if they run their blogs, they should get them nominated here. Everyone should participate and vote, comment and nominate on others blogs.

Just for commenting and voting you get entered in a drawing where you can win cash, entrecard credits or advertising space every month. BlogNetAwards continues to grow more and more rapid and I anticipate it will continue to thrive and attract bloggers as well as sponsors and larger entities.

It has all the makings of a great awards sites and the best part is the people who run BlogNetAwards are very approachable and easy to work with, they love feedback and suggestions and are very active in the blogging and social network arena. This is why I have done a few demonstration video’s to help promote their site such as how to comment & vote, and how to add their widget on your wordpress blog.

Thank you BlogNetAwards and thanks to my readers and votes. You do win $100 CAD for being named Best Blog of the Month, so that earnings will go into my blog fund and be put toward future blogging endeavors.

-Justin Germino

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