Changed Up My Wii Fit Routine

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After reading several days ago about how Hula Hoop exercises are 150% more efficient and burn more calories than almost any other aerobic activity save for vigorous swimming, I decided to revise my Wii Fit routine.  Seriously, apparently 1 minute of intense Hula Hooping burns as many calories as an 8 minute mile.  We are all looking for best “Bang for the Buck” the least amount of time spent working out with the maximum impact for weight and physical fitness.  Hula Hooping also is better at helping lose belly fat and trimming waistlines faster than running, jogging and walking.

So now I start off every morning with a 6 minute Advanced Hula Hoop on Wii Fit, and after 3 minutes of gyrating in each direction I seriously start feeling a burn and my heart start racing.  By Saturday I will bump it up to 10 minutes (5 in each direction) and it should help even more.  I don’t work out on my Wii fit as much as I should, I still bench weights 3 days a week, but my cardio routines on Wii Fit have slipped, now I have ramped them up to include my ideal morning set.

I try to do this every morning between 6 and 7am before taking my boy to school.

  • Advanced Hula Hoop 6 minutes
  • Bridge (1 set)
  • Cobra (1 set)
  • Jack Knifes (30 set)
  • Push up and Side Plank – (20 set)

This combo of 5 Wii Fit activities takes about 25 minutes to complete and really leaves me feeling both muscle burn and heart racing. I recommend anyone with Wii Fit to try this routine and see how it works for you, if you are not ready to take on such long sets, do the same activities but on the lowest rep settings.

Overall, 269 days after having Wii Fit I still think it is a great product, I am looking forward to more intense workout software for the Wii.  I do wish the Wii balance board was wider however, when doing Push Up and Side Planks my arms aren’t spaced out as far as they should be.

-Justin Germino

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