Rafflecopter Language Issue a Facebook Problem

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Imagine my surprise when I went to check my Rafflecopter giveaways on DragonBlogger.com and saw this as my contest widget:


I immediately thought there was a problem with Rafflecopter but after doing some digging I realized the language used by Rafflecopter is set in Facebook since Rafflecopter ties to your Facebook account.  My Facebook account undergoes about 2-3 hack attempts per week and with the added security my Facebook is setup to send a page and a code to my phone if somebody tries to login from an unauthorized system.

Well, Facebook by default seems to set the language based on the location of where it is sending the security text, so I have seen my Facebook language change to Mandarin, Russian and Arabic over the last few months due to various attempts to access my account.

The solution is to sign into Facebook, then click on your account settings:

Change your primary Language to something else, click save then refresh the page and set it back to English.

Close browser, open and clear cookies, then sign back into Facebook

Your Rafflecopter language will be restored back to your default Facebook language again.


Facebook account hacks are very common, I encourage all users of Facebook to increase security by setting up notifications if somebody access your account and 2 factor authentication to where you get a page for each system that isn’t registered that tries to access your account.

-Justin Germino

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Updated: March 28, 2012 — 3:09 pm