Feedburner Socialize Gone but Still Accessible

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Google apparently got rid of the Feedburner Socialize tab which allowed you to automatically publish your blog feed to Twitter, but there is still an easy way to access it.

Here is a video on how to still access Feedburner Socialize and some alternatives:

For those who want to read a solution, here is the summarized information.



All you have to do is click on the Publicize tab


Then replace the word publicize in the URL with socialize


And you will still have access to the Socialize screen in Feedburner


I don’t’ know if Google plans to remove Socialize forever, but there are better tools to promote your feed on Twitter than Google Feedburner.

Alternatives to Google Feedburner

My personal preference is Dlvr.it which allows you to publish your blog feed across Twitter, Facebook (profile or fanpages), LinkedIn, Tumblr and more.


Another option is Twitterfeed but this specifically only publishes to Twitter like the Feedburner socialize.

Hootsuite allows you to read in a blog feed and publish to any social media network including Facebook pages and groups!  Hootsuite is by far the most advanced and full featured tool of them all, but not all services are free like Dlvr.it and Twitterfeed for the RSS feed and publish services.

For an article on how to configure Dlvr.it for your blog feed, I suggest you read this one: http://www.dragonblogger.com/post-rss-feeds-social-media-dlvrit/

-Justin Germino

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