Playing and Working In The Future

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The rate at which technology has advanced in the last few decades or so is quite astonishing and is something that has helped to shape our lives into something really quite different from how they used to be. It wasn’t so long ago that to speak to another person that is far away, we would need direct physical access to a telephone line but nowadays we don’t even need cables to send files and data to each other.


The current trend is in smartphones (iPhones) and tablet computers (iPads) that give us greater accessibility to the net than ever before. Touchscreen technology and tilt screen controls mean that we don’t even need controllers or keyboards to use the latest gadgets. (Remember the iPod?) Having technology products that are so easy to use means that we can work and play from just about any place, at any time. Being able to share information remotely and at great distances has changed the way that we work and play, but advances in technology are by no means over.

Mind Control

Technology already exists that allows us to control what is happening on the screen using nothing but the thought patterns in our mind. Although still very rudimentary, it is a technology that will undoubtedly develop into something that will be used in every household and have many more functions than it does now. Should you need to create a new report for the office, for example, you will no longer need to type into the keyboard because instead you could just think of what needs to be done and it will appear on the screen in front of you. Such technology will also have applications in games with competitors quite literally having to out-think each other to win.

Is VR Finally Very Good?

Virtual reality is another technology that is still in its infancy and is not too far away from becoming commercially viable. It won’t be too long before from a room at home we can immerse ourselves in a virtual world, and the possible applications are endless. Again, the gaming sector will benefit hugely from such technology as the notion of 3D gaming takes on a new meaning. We could even find ourselves in virtual meetings in virtual board rooms, with colleagues that can be located anywhere else on the planet.

Carbon With a Twist

New materials are also going to change things dramatically and the latest new high-tech material, graphene, looks set to make things very different indeed. Very strong and flexible, yet only wafer thin, graphene can be used in electronic products meaning we could soon have telephones and computers that simply roll up into a small tube or even as a band to be worn on the wrist. Once graphene becomes a commercially viable product the electronics that we use will take on an entirely different shape and form that they have now.

Exciting Innovations

One thing for sure is that fans of technological products have a lot to look forward to as we are set to see some very exciting innovations on the market in the coming years. In addition to the better known products, some of which have been outlined in this article, are other lesser known developments and innovations that haven’t even been conceived of yet. The games that we play and the way in which we work is likely to change considerably and whole new job categories will be created as the way in which we go about our daily lives changes. The technology that we have now is finding itself an increasingly important part of our everyday lives and even people that would otherwise shun new developments for the old ways are beginning to make the most of what can now be achieved

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