New Headgear in Star Wars: The Old Republic

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Picked up some new headgear in [easyazon-link asin=”B001CWXAP2″]Star Wars: The Old Republic[/easyazon-link] for my Vanguard republic trooper Raco Hardeen.


This was actually my first helmet armor piece and picked it up as a green item drop from a boss.  My character is level 17 and I find that it is hard to accumulate funds as most of the skills you send companions to do end up costing more to send them on the mission than you get from salvaging or selling the items in return.

I can’t figure out how anybody can use skills to make more money than they put into them, unless perhaps you can build weapons/armors that sell more than the material costs you put in.  At Armstech 1 though it costs a ton to break down materials into desh or silica and then craft low level weapons to sell for only 97 credits or break back down for more components but only 1/6th as many as it took to create the item in the first place.

Anybody have some favorite skill crew combinations or tactics for earning good credits from their crew skills?

-Justin Germino

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