#FellowsInc 79Ci is a Jam Proof Silent Cross Cut Paper Shredder

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By now you should know that if you have any documents, discs or cards that have sensitive information that must be discarded you should be shredding it to prevent any unauthorized access to the information. This is where you need a shredder that is capable of tackling all jobs from simple papers to media discs.

The Fellowes 79Ci is such a shredder available from Staples for $239.99 and is capable of meeting all of your document and data disposal needs. This shredder features 100% Jam Proof technology that is also the safest in the industry because it detects the presence of fingers and hands with it’s SafeSense technology.

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The number one complaint about most shredders is paper jamming, trying to stuff too many sheets of paper to where the shredder begins the shredding and becomes jammed unable to reverse or continue. The 79Ci has a sophisticated sensor that stops jams before they happen, it measures the thickness of the stack as it enters and stops before the shredder could jam if the thickness is determined to be too much for it to handle.


Even if you have papers at a slightly wrong angle, the 79Ci can power through without issue and has a fast reversal so you can pull back and re-align to shred again. An indicator light lets you know how close you are to reaching sheet capacity so you can improve efficiency and productivity by shredding as much as you can in one pass without doing repeated smaller shredding jobs.

The 79Ci is also whisper quiet and able to shred day or night without waking or causing disruption to sleeping family members in the other room or if you shred in shared workspaces.

Did you know that Fellows, Inc. manufactured the first personal shredder back in 1990? Today Fellowes is the leader in producing innovative shredding technologies to make their shredders fast, safe and as efficient as possible.

If you need a shredder, consider the Fellowes 79Ci and you won’t be disappointed.

Let us know what features you want most in a shredder and how often you shred your old bills, documents or data.

-Justin Germino

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