Worth Getting Replacement Batteries

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It must be fairly common to be plagued by battery issues no matter what device uses a battery it would seem.  I seem to have issues with several devices from my Shark Cordless Handheld, JVC Everio camcorder as well as other gadgets that simply don’t hold a charge more than a minute or two any longer no matter how long I let them charge for.

It was only a few years ago that I scoured the web looking for Dell Laptop Batteries because my Dell D800 wouldn’t hold a charge and kept dying the moment it was unplugged from an A/C power source.

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My son had a minor battery issue with the Kindle Fire where it wouldn’t hold a charge and showed a ? instead of a battery symbol but smacking the back of the Kindle Fire seem to get it recognize the battery again, none of my other items were so fortunate to get such a quick fix.

As more and more devices depend on batteries, I would think it becomes increasingly more essential to not only improve the power of batteries so that they last longer, but are able to charge faster and don’t suffer from the drain which causes them to be unable to charge even though they were rated for thousands of charges.

I like devices that simply power off before the battery has a chance to completely drain and weaken it’s ability to hold a charge in the future.  Either way chances are if you own a gadget or laptop and you plan on using more than a few years you will likely have to replace the battery before you refresh the device to a newer/better one and replacing a battery can cost a pretty penny for things like laptops.

How often do you have to buy a replacement battery for a gadget?

-Justin Germino

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