Public School Systems Degrading Further

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This concluded my son’s first week of school and I am already dismayed by the school he is going to, the District supposedly allowed schools to determine if they would require homework in grades K-5 and this school opted to not provide kids any homework for first grade. My son was used to getting homework in Kindergarten and I didn’t want him to get used to no homework, I also think with school lessons being so short homework is required to help instill and reinforce the learning requirements.

This is most distressing, the teacher seems a little apathetic as well about the kids and their general learning, and research shows the principal of the school has a similar mentality. The only positive note is they can give homework to kids whose parents request, so we opted in to have homework assigned to our son weekly. We need to keep on top of the school and system to make sure he is getting a proper education.

I guess what you pay for, and public school systems are getting worse every year it seems.

-Justin Germino

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