The Nature of Nurture

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Ninety nine percent of mammals who have children have the instinct to nurture and care for their children, it is an oddly disturbing trend when reading the news on how Mother’s, Father’s can injure or harm their children or babies in any ordeal. I read news stories on how a father drowns his toddler in the pool, or how a mother savagely mutilates her two year old while high on one drug or another.

These articles always cause me grief and leave me greatly disturbed that there is so much suffering and violence not only in the world itself, but in what is supposed to be a great and civilized Nation. How are we expected to stand up and assist global issues when we can’t even fix whats broken in our own society, justice needs to be overhauled, in fact people themselves need to be overhauled.

The only problem is, I don’t know how to solve these problems I can only lament like so many others that they exist. If I had solutions or answers, I would have gone into politics to push for solutions. For now I just hope someone comes along with a suggestion or solutions to problems that are widespread and one of the biggest is that children are just not protected enough in this world.

All children are born innocent and deserve a chance at a healthy, happy and successful upbringing. This does not matter where they are born, raised or live and somehow the International laws on human rights are failing on a global level.

-Justin Germino

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