Glamorizing Intellect

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I want to give kudos to Popular Science magazine for their latest issue which highlights some of the brightest kids coming out of High School including students who already have multiple patents pending and are using technology and their raw gift of intellect and desire to help humanity to develop robotics, drugs and other sciences to help human kind as a whole.  Most of these kid geniuses glamorized already have won tens of thousands of dollars in scholarship money, have received 1400 SAT scores and many have been offered full free passes to such institutions as Harvard and MIT.

I wanted to also note that most of the gifted and brilliant kids were “home schooled” and this just proves that public education systems just aren’t up to snuff in this country.  The other thing I wanted to point out is that if more companies, TV shows and society as a whole glamorized achievements and abilities of these kids instead of football players, actors and celebrities then we would probably be further along scientifically and academically than we are now as a Nation.

Here’s hoping the future generations can solve some of the worlds toughest problems, and thanks to popular science for showcasing these genius kids as rockstars in science and technology.

-Justin Germino

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