Post Holiday Update

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It was a hectic but fun last couple of days where I spent many hours putting together Lego sets for my 5 year old and playing with my kids during the Christmas weekend.  We enjoyed some playground battles with their new Nerf guns and hand axes as well.

My son’s loved their Kindle Fire’s even more than I thought they would and one of the best scenes was seeing them tucked into bed and getting 1/2 hour Kindle Fire time before sleep.  My youngest was watching a movie I preloaded on his while my 8 year old was playing a strategy game on his Kindle Fire.

We almost have a daily tradition now where my kids and I go to the Amazon App Store to see which app Amazon is offering for free that day and my kids were delighted to pick up Where’s My Water? for free yesterday which was a game they loved playing on my iPad in which you have to help a Crocodile (or Alligator) take a bath.

I took some home video with my new Bloggie Touch 4GB and already loaded Spotify and a few apps on my iPod Touch 32GB which also has a camera and does Facetime.

My mother in law also loved her Kindle Fire we got her and came over to preload new applications for it.  All 3 Kindle Fire’s were great gifts and nobody was disappointed with them.

The kids adapted to them much better than I thought they would considering they were so used to using my iPad 2 for the past 6 months.  Not 1 complaint, not 1 this doesn’t do what the iPad does or anything about the size of the screen.  It was like the perfect tablet for their ages.

The only gift remaining to be open is the LEGO Mindstorms NXT set that my son got from Santa and I will help him build some robots and program them in the near future.  I intend to video record some of our creations too!

-Justin Germino

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