Playing Diablo 3 Beta

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On my spare time which is only about an hour a night I have been checking out the Diablo 3 Beta after getting my access on Wednesday night.  Of course I have been wanting to play the Demon Hunter since I read about the class.


The game is visually incredible and the abilities are fun, but when I was 23 years old playing Diablo 2 I was having the time of my life blasting undead and watching blood, guts and gore fly.

I forgot how gory the game was and I quickly felt a little having my kids around.  This game is definitely not for kids younger than say 13 and the parent in me doesn’t tend to gravitate toward games that my kids can’t watch me play.


Despite how awesome it is, I will only be playing this game at night.  I wish Blizzard allowed an option to turn off the blood and gore, so at least when you killed/maimed creatures you didn’t see so much violence.  It really is unnecessary for me and the original Warcraft games used to allow you to turn off the gore.

But, this is no kids game and what I found very interesting was how seamlessly players can jump in and drop out of your campaign.  They just show up and you can instantly pair together or simply drop out at any time.  I partnered with 3 other hunters (barbarian, wizard) but found that I was too slow always checking every item, picking up every gold piece while they all walked ahead and ran to complete quests, not taking the time to savor the atmosphere of the game.

I about an hour I had already reached level 5 and was hurling bola’s that explode, and had my favorite rapid shot which shoots a near endless stream of bolt blasts at your opponent until your hatred runs out (hatred is like mana for special abilities in the game).

I love the magical items, merchants and the quest dialogue and atmosphere and the game is far more frantic than your typical MMO game.  Instead of targeting you have to be pretty precise with your clicks, but I like holding the shift key down and shooting from a distance and then fleeing when creatures get too close.

I will be doing a full review on Dragon Blogger as well as maybe capturing some video of the game in the coming week if possible.

-Dragon Blogger

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