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Sometimes I just want to convert a PDF file to a Word document so that I can make edits, cut snippets of information or simply add information so that I can keep everything I need in one document.

This happens more often for my day job where I sometimes have to edit old presentations or documents that were created years ago and only exist in .PDF format without any of the original word documents anymore.  I did have to lookup a pdf to word converter and convert those documents so that I can make edits to them in Word and then be able to resave them as PDF so they can be opened by virtually any web client.

PDF is still the defacto standard for distributed documents due to the fact that just about any operating system from Windows, Mac to Android, iOS and Blackberry can open and read PDF files either natively of with a free app.

Though PDF files can be a little larger the portability of the platform still makes it the best overall for distributing documentation.

With PDF to Word you can easily and instantly convert any PDF file to a Microsoft .Word document so that you can edit the file with ease and all of the formatting stays intact.  I have used some PDF converters and tables are lost, images lose formatting or they just require a lot of manual edits to fix up and look right.  This program promises to format those conversions better.

Download PDF converter now and try it free, if you purchase the product notify Quick-PDF within 30 days of purchase and you will get a full refund.

-Justin Germino

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