Let the Weekday Race Begin

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Sometimes I feel like the start of the business week (Monday) is like the starting line of a drag race.  You basically rev up the Monday morning and hope to speed through the week as fast as possible to hit the finish line known as the weekend.

The good news is I am incredibly busy at work and when busy time goes faster, the bad news is that I often feel like I can’t get enough done and at times feel overwhelmed.  It is at junctures like this that I stop and re-assess my tasks and priorities and focus on being productive most of all.

I have several presentations to finish up this week and tasks to outline projects, but I also have to keep on top of many different balls juggling in the air at once while still making progress toward my own personal goals which I am falling behind on. 

This next weekend I am excited to have some quality Father/Son time with the boys as my wife will be attending the Tucson Gem and Mineral show all day Saturday.  This means I can spend about 10 hours just hanging out with the boys and we all plan on seeing Journey 2: The Mysterious Island together.  My 5 year old simply adores The Rock and constantly says “Peck Pop of Love” from the commercials for the movie.  He is always pretending to be The Rock when we wrestle leaping off the couches like a true Super Fly.

But I am super psyched for the weekend of the 19th, where I have created Post Valentines Day plans with my wife.  Since we both had to work Valentines day and it was smack dab in the middle of the week, we decided to do a 3 day getaway to Encinitas, where I am planning the whole getaway weekend.  I can’t share all the details here because it would spoil the surprise (she reads this blog occasionally).

-Justin Germino

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