Planet Minecraft for the Near Future

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Yep, still on the Minecraft topic since it has been consuming my kids lives while they are on fall break and playing it everyday.  I am visiting Planet Minecraft early in the morning before work and at night trying to find them new texture packs, maps, mods and other goodies to keep vitalizing the game.

It is easy as pie to add maps, they are just uploading save games (folders) into your .minecraft/saves folder which is in your %appdata% location in Windows.


Textures you just place the zip file inside the Texture Pack folder and load them in game.

Mods are a bit tougher and there are several types, Mod Loader was the first one I installed and requires you to edit the minecraft.jar file in the .minecraft/bin directory and add files to the archive while deleting the META-INF after.

This then allows you to add mods and resources directories to .minecraft and drop in mods which are loaded at start up.

The bad thing is many mods don’t work with 1.3.2 version of Minecraft so you really have to pay attention to the mods, and what is needed to load them.  Fortunately when a mod crashes and prevents Minecraft from loading you usually have a good indication on which mod to remove.

1 mod so far required me to scratch Minecraft install completely and re-install it which is also easy to do, but no game has so much flexibility that I have ever messed with before.

I haven’t even started on the 32bit, 64bit or higher texture maps yet that greatly improve the graphics of the game, but require different loaders and MCPatcher to modify the game to support higher quality texture maps.

-Justin Germino

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