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On some of my smaller blog which weren’t getting a lot of traffic or comments I decided to start testing the Disqus 2012 comment systems.  I do like Livefyre and have been using it for a while but there were some compelling features of Disqus that made me put it in my blogs to test it that Livefyre just simply doesn’t have yet.

Reply By Email

I am always mobile and being able to reply to a comment on any one of my 7 blogs by responding to that comment via email with it going into the blog and sorting correctly is a very beneficial feature.  Disqus allows email replies to comments, but Livefyre does not yet have this feature.

Image Upload

I am going to use this for contests and other incentive type of programs and Livefyre Comments 3 does feature this, but the current version does not yet. 

Comment Community

One thing I like about Disqus is you have a centralized community for a user, not just the website owner.  I can see all notifications from anywhere, any blog where someone has replied to me and I can go and reply from there.  You can follow/friend users and see their conversations and the whole conversations and community aspect is handled better on Disqus than in Livefyre.

Mobile Login

Many have complained about problems signing into Livefyre from mobile devices, I have had my own share of users complaining, Disqus is more mobile friendly and has fewer reports of sign on problems.

Larger User Base

Many more people already have Disqus accounts so fewer have to sign up to leave comments, this means more people are likely to comment.  The sign up is always the hardest part to overcome and convince a reader to do.  Disqus has age and spread in it’s favor still.

Import Guest Comments

Disqus is intelligent enough to know comments you left on other blogs that were imported into it’s system (after a user puts in Disqus) and you can import detected guest comments into your profile history. 


So far there may be things I don’t like about Disqus and like Livefyre better for, Livefyre does have the ability to @reply Facebook or Twitter users to call them into conversations (I think Disqus can only do Twitter users).  Livefyre reads in reactions from Facebook Fanpages which Disqus only does from Twitter, where conversations/comments left on those mediums are pulled into the blog comments.

In the end, I may end up converting DragonBlogger.com to Disqus 2012 after I spend a few weeks of testing it on my smaller blogs.

-Justin Germino

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