What To Do When a Child Hates School

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What To Do When a Child Hates School

So many kids come home from school telling their parents that they hate school. They say their classes are boring, or too hard, or that they have too much homework. If you hear those same complaints and want to change their attitude about their education, here are some great ways to get started.

Get Involved

Children are very smart about picking up on how their parents feel. If you show a lot of interest in their, school they will follow your example. If you don’t care, why should they? Being involved with the PTA or volunteering when they have special activities at school, attending the school events with them or just knowing your child’s teachers will let them see that you are a part as well and interested. Kids need to feel that you are supportive of their school and have a positive attitude about it. If there is not a good relationship and attitude, your child will sense that and not have one as well.


It is our responsibility as parents to care about what grades our children make and to discuss them with the teachers if they have some problems or are falling behind. Don’t let their grades be the only thing that is your focus or set your expectations so high with your child that they feel overwhelmed. Kids have to enjoy school too and we have to know that the point of school is to learn more, not just make a specific grade. Focus on their learning and maybe agree that they are doing their best and to keep trying!

Slash Boring

When kids come home and tell you that they hate school because it is boring, what they are really telling you is that they are frustrated with that they are doing or learning. It could be that they are doing something that is just too hard or difficult and they don’t relate. Maybe they don’t understand how it is being taught so they cannot focus on it, or they may even be worried they won’t do well on a test because they don’t understand it. If your child tells you they are bored, talk to them and find out why. There could be a new solution or strategy you can give them to try. Let them know that all kids are different and they have different likes and dislikes. Not every subject may be their favorite or allow them to be their best at it, but that trying is expected and that it can be fun. Just them knowing that you understand it may not be their thing can help them lose the stress they feel.

Homework Help

Kids seem to hate homework. That may be part of what makes them hate school. Helping them with some homework tips can be something that changes that attitude. Try to help your child get on a better homework schedule. Try to have one set time that you have them do homework. Homework may need to be done right after school and after a snack or short break, but before they go outside to play or before they watch television at night. Stick to that routine and it will help. Help them get organized and if they have difficulty with homework sit down and try to help them and show you are interested. Part of the enthusiasm your child feels about school will be based on how you interact with them and their school. Be a bigger part of their school and show them that you care about their education as well.

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