Unpacking and Minecraft Rewards

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Having moved into our new house just a few days ago we are still in the process of unpacking but only have about a dozen boxes or so left to go so have been making good progress.  I didn’t take more than Monday off of work so only unpacking when I can.

I however incentivized the kids to help out around the house more, they are so into Minecraft since getting it as a gifts last week that now I reward them with new minecraft maps, textures and packs after the complete chores.  1/2 hour of pulling weeds netted them 3 new texture packs and 3 new maps.

So far it seems to work, when they want something new in Minecraft I give them a task or chore to complete and they work it to get the reward.  So at least I am not constantly feeding them new stuff, this will only work for so long, my 9 year old could figure out how to find/download and install his own minecraft mods pretty easily and hopefully he won’t go seeking how to do it himself so this incentive system works for a bit longer.

Meanwhile, I haven’t had time to do virtually any blogging and even less gaming, I haven’t even logged into Guild Wars 2 in a week and Gunther Dragonclaw idly waits until I can return to play him again.

-Justin Germino

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Updated: October 10, 2012 — 8:28 am