Pit Bull Wins ‘Dog of Valor’ Award

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Who says Pit Bull dogs are all bad?  In Oklahoma City, a Pit Bull by the name of D-boy manages to scare off an intruder who shot the dog three times before he fled.  His owner’s life was probably saved as the intruder was clearly armed and may have shot the owner had the dog not chased the man off.

Now, people say “All Pit Bull’s” aren’t bad dogs, that there are bad owners which is true, but it is still Pit Bulls who account for more child fatalities and injuries than any other dog breed in the world.  Pit Bull’s if an owner chooses to have one can make fiercely loyal guard dogs and they love their owners like any other dog.

I just think that people who own Pit Bulls should be very responsible with them; never let them roam, wander without being kept on a leash and never leave them unattended around strangers or children at parks, playgrounds or anywhere.

I used to own a Pit Bull a long time ago back in Mesa, but it’s a funny story, we didn’t really know we were buying a Pit Bull, we saw an ad for Sharpee / Bull Mastiff pups and when we saw the cute little wrinkly black puppy we just didn’t know that we were buying a pit bull.  When the dog grew up and would try to attack the UPS guy and even my in-laws were afraid to come over, we decided that the dog’s personality was just too unstable and we were afraid our in-laws could get bitten while we were on vacation and we certainly would never have trusted that dog around a child.   So we had to take him to the pound only a year and a half after we bought him as his behavior and personality were getting worse and we were worried he would be a liability.

-Justin Germino

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