Curbing My Eating Habits

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I am actually partially bummed by my trip to Cabo in a few weeks, I realize that I have gained almost ten pounds in the last six months and my weight is slightly over 170. I was seriously looking over some fat burner reviews to find out if there is any quick way to shed five or six pounds in a week so I don’t look as bad in swimming trunks which I will be in while on the beaches.

Really I know my own solution and I have fallen off of my own plan, I eat more than I should calorie wise because I have always enjoyed eating. I still work out fairly hard, but the problem is people who dine out frequently consume more calories than people who eat at home. This is because restaurant food is packed with more calories mostly because they serve much larger portions, and people tend to eat everything they are served figuring a serving is a serving.

If you ate two meals at home for instance let’s say a plate of pasta vs. a restaurant you probably eat 40% more calories at the restaurant, because you won’t probably eat as much bread before the pasta, with butter maybe as well. And you likely won’t order a dessert; in addition seldom do you serve such a huge portion on your plate at home. (Not in my case though, I tend to eat a lot of pasta, it is in my Italian blood).

So I am really going to try keeping to no more than 1500 calories for the next week, I probably can trim at least three or four pounds if I can stick with that because I do burn off quite a bit with working out.

-Justin Germino

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