Formal Date Night With My Lady

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So I dusted off one of my only two suits and took my lady out to The Melting Pot restaurant back on Wednesday night, which is a very intimate and romantic restaurant that serves Fondue style foods here in Arizona. I rarely get in a suit and I wanted it to be a special occasion as it was the 13th anniversary of the day we met. To think that I met this beautiful girl back in May 1996 and she is still with me to this day makes me feel like a very special man indeed.

I am just glad I still have a suit and some dress shirts still hanging up in my closet, and believe it or not, I have never in my life worn a Tuxedo or had to rent or purchase tuxedo shirts for any occasion. I even was married while wearing a suit instead of a tuxedo, I often wonder if I will have to attend an event where I will wear a tuxedo.

Meanwhile she looked like a princess in the black dress that she wore, and I was just completely mesmerized and could not stop staring at her the whole night. We still got something if thirteen years later my heart beats faster every time I look at her.

-Justin Germino

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