NASA Balloon Mistaken As UFO

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A NASA balloon release from New Mexico and floating over Arizona was mistaken by dozens of people as a UFO who called stations and police in several cities.  The balloon is a 4000 pound research instrument that floats at about 130,000 feet; this gave it the appearance of a circular disk or bubble in the sky that was so high that planes were seen flying underneath it.

The balloon made its way from Fort Sumner, N.M., where it was launched Sunday morning on May 17th and landed near Kingman, A.Z., around 9pm on Monday May 18th.  The balloon was visible for up to 170 miles in all directions with clear skies so many people from many cities were able to observe the strange looking object.

This isn’t the first time balloons were believed to be UFO objects and it won’t be the last, many times pranksters will tie flares to helium balloons and launch several of them to create glowing balls in the sky that seem to move in the same pattern.   Several such actions as these have made newspapers and have video footage of strange glowing orbs in a line pattern in the sky.

-Justin Germino

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