Added One Hundred Pounds of Weights To My System

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I was at a sporting goods store which happen to sell all kinds of things including sports equipment, golf swing training aids, and workout equipment. They had used disc weights which I had been looking for, for $43 I was able to buy two fifty pound 1/4″ disc weights, which will go nicely with my weight set.

Now I can’t just add 100 pounds and bench it all, I am simply not that strong, but I took off my multitude of 35, 25 and 10 pound weights and started with the fifty pounders and a fifteen on each side making my bench now 150 with the weight of the bar.

It is a good step up for me and I am gradually working toward my goal of benching 200 pounds by the end of the year, which is the maximum weight my starter bench can safely support. I shall add ten pounds ever two weeks until I reach my goal.

I really do enjoy working out, there something about lifting weights while listening to really heavy metal and rock music and feeling fatigued, out of breath and that muscle soreness is actually a pleasant feeling I have found. My whole state of mind and body feels better for several hours after a workout, though I must admit I get tired early when I work out heavy and have been known to go to bed at 9pm at night after working out heavily during the day.

-Justin Germino

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