Assisted Suicide – Should it Be Legal?

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Last week Washington State had its first death under the new suicide law which was enacted last November.   This puts currently only two states in the nation which allow for assisted suicide for terminally ill patients having the right to end their life instead of suffering through worsening health conditions.

There are people who both support and defiantly act opposed to the allowing of physician assisted suicide, but the truth of the matter is simply this.  If someone is terminally ill and in constant physical pain, assisted suicide gives the patient the ability to peacefully resign their life at a time of their choosing without continuing to suffer and cause suffering to family members around them.

We euthanize pets when they are old, fragile and feeble in order to put an end to their suffering and people should be treated with no less dignity.  There are clear guidelines that are in place before it becomes a viable alternative, people don’t want to take so many pain medications that they spend the last few weeks of their life in a foggy state of mind, they don’t want to suffer the indignity of infirmity that comes with rapid disease progression.

Simply put if the laws are written properly and enforced then there should be a legal way for people to end this world with dignity and spare their families and themselves.  It should always be a choice and it is a very personal choice, but people should have the freedom to make that choice.

-Justin Germino

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