Picked Up a 2nd Car This Weekend

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My family had consolidated to a single car for over a year and as we became busier and adding more functions, events and errands that we had to do on a weekly basis it became a necessity to start looking at a 2nd car. We live about fifty minutes from the Metro Phoenix area, so with having to go into the Valley two or three days per week we are adding hundreds of miles on our single car, plus every time someone had to go into the valley during the day we had an issue picking up my son from school.

My wife had gone to her favorite dealership Mercedes Benz of Chandler and even spoke with our #1 guy over there who helped us with our last several cars, his name is Harold in case you want to know who the best guy to buy a car from at Mercedes Benz of Chandler. Luckily there was a beautiful 2002 Mercedes E420 that was in outstanding condition and for a great price. My wife set it up and we arrived the same morning only to find that the vehicle was on a test drive with another sales associate and customer.

Fortunately we did a quick test drive and were able to start the paperwork and lock in our claim on the vehicle before it was taken by somebody else and now I am the proud owner of this beauty.

Front Mercedes Benz 2002 E Class

This makes a good quality 2nd vehicle for the family and now we can divide the miles evenly between our two cars so that my lease doesn’t keep absorbing so many miles. I did purchase a three year extended warranty as it was a 2002 and did have 68k miles on it. Still the car was in virtually perfect condition and had new tires, and only one slight cosmetic defect with a plastic piece when you open the rear passenger door. We will pay to have that piece replaced sometime in the next few weeks.

-Justin Germino

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