Employees Usage of Social Media and Blogging

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People need to pay attention to the articles that pepper the news about how companies are becoming more adept at screening and monitoring their own employees actions on various social networks like Twitter, Facebook and more. Even with freedom of speech and that you have the right to share anything and everything about your life online doesn’t mean that you should.

Like it or not every single employee of a company is a representative of that company and you are discovered saying something that may deface or devalue the companies image or brand then you are going to negatively impact the company even if you are speaking from your own personal experience and not representing the company officially in your own personal accounts.

Unless you are your own business and have full control over your employment and future you will want to be cautious about the breadcrumbs you leave about your life in the public domain of the internet. Teenagers who say things out of expression can have their words come back to haunt when they are in their twenties and looking for a job fresh from college.

People have been rejected from disability for posting about vacations on their Facebook, others have been fire for slandering or posting social media of themselves being improper on corporate property (they rightly deserve to be fired).

Bottom line, It is fun and can even be helpful and therapeutic to engage in social media and online conversations, but watch what you share with the world. Even though you have freedom of speech, use discretion (you never know who might read what you said later).

-Justin Germino

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Updated: March 4, 2010 — 7:45 pm