People Love To Complain

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Why is it that most human beings in general would complain about the way things are but never make a move or action to try and make things better.  This is a really people are looking for support and understanding and empathy, but don’t really know or how to make things any better or what to do, so they don’t bother even trying.

If you are going to complain and whine over and over about the state of the economy, CEO’s getting rich while middle class get poorer, Gas prices (which are dropping radically and shouldn’t be a complaint anymore), Companys offering Black Friday deals and then blaming the companies when the shoppers are the one killing each other for them.

You just mine as well wear an adult diaper and fully regress to infancy at this point.  Take action even a little bit at a time makes a difference.  If you don’t like the way a company does things, boycott that company and its products.  Instead of finding and dishing all the negative people need to start looking for what they can change in their own sphere of influence.  Is the negative really that bad, or is something else the source of your frustration?

I myself can complain from time to time about things but I also have the ability to look at everything in my life as half full as well.  Your buying power affects your immediate sphere, support what you believe in and do not give in to what you don’t.  If you really want to complain about something, do it with a purpose that can lead to change.  If you are complaining just for the sake of someone hearing and agreeing, that is what family and friends are for.

So here is my post complaining about complainers,  hmm..  Maybe I should take my own advice, and with that this is a good time to end this rant.

-Justin Germino

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