Helping Others To Feel Rewarded

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My in-laws who are a very big part of my life needed some assistance changing light bulbs in their vaulted ceiling.  Now my Father in law is very ill and on full time oxygen, and neither of them could climb a ladder.  I was more than willing and happy to assist, and they made me and their grandkids dinner for coming over to help them.  Such a simple task such as changing 3 light bulbs and they appreciated my effort so much.

These are good caring people and it made me think about this, do you take the little stuff for granted?  Take some extra time to notice people who do small things to assist and help you, determine if you are appreciating them enough and their efforts.  Go out of your way to do something to help someone, a stranger, a friend or anyone.  There isn’t enough kindess in this world and just doing a simple act every day or as often as possible goes a long way.

If everyone would try to do just one kind and helpful thing per day, we would see the whole face of the world change with this one thought and this one positive belief.  That instead of seeing what the world and people can do for you, what can you do to help other people?

Example, the other day I saw an elderly lady in a Walmart parking lot fighting to lift an empty shopping cart out of a pothole, sixteen people walked right past her.  I walked over to her and grabbed the cart and lifted out and moved it to flatter even surface for her.  How can people just ignore someone who obviously needs some assistance?

Mull on that today, I know everyday I will never pass the opportunity to do the following simple acts:

-Justin Germino

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