Blog Goals For December 2008

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This is my personal blog and I also use it to generate a small amount of income besides my primary Dragon blogger blog.  For the month of November I had set the following blog goals for myself for this personal blog:

  • 150 Average Unique Visits per day
  • 6000 Unique Visits for the Month
  • RealRank under 600
  • 10 new backlinks
  • $50 in Blog Income

For the month of November I averaged a total of 195 visits per day which exceeded my first objective.  I also had 6073 Unique Visits for the month which just made that objective as well.  My RealRank currently is 836 though was under 600 for a few days.  I only added 6 new backlinks according to which was shy of my goal of 10.  I made a total of $35 dollars in paid assignments with this blog only between November 1st and November 30th.

My goals for December are going to be simpler and much more focused on providing content not collecting numbers or statistics.  I am going to try to set the following goals which are much more in my control:

  • Break the 150 post mark I will have to write over 40 posts this month but think I can do that.
  • Continue to increase visitors try to have a 10% increase in overall visits from previous month via Google Analytics

I am not setting money goals or specific ranking goals anymore as they are too much by chance and too unstable.  When they aren’t met they cause frustration and I instead would rather focus on content and promoting and not care about the rankings and ratings at this point.

-Justin Germino

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