Did Some Cyber Monday Shopping Before Work

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This morning I decided to do some online shopping and see what kind of cyber Monday deals could be found online. I managed to find a few holiday gifts for my wife from Amazon, as well as found some good prices on various toys, though I haven’t purchased anything for the kids yet.

Free shipping is always a good incentive as is discounts, a coworker of mine told me about Microsoft Live Cashback search, where you collect cashback after 60 days based on any item you purchase that is participating. This was an interesting thing and I was going to try and compare prices later today to see if prices are better than local stores. One thing it would seem is that Amazon.com seems to consistently have better prices than overstock.com at least in every item I directly compared.

I did some reading and learned about eBillMe which was an interesting concept and service.  eBillme allows you to make purchases and receive an ebill and pay the bill directly with your online bank account via billpay.  This bypasses the need to charge your purchases to credit cards, and allows you to pay your bills with cash you have in your bank accounts.

In addition there is a contest called shop and confess, where you can win cash prizes.  Here is a video you can play to learn more:


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