Pay Attention Out There Drivers

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With my family being rear ended this morning while taking my son to school, I can’t help but reflect that people need to not take driving privileges for granted.  We are talking about large metal vehicles weighing thousands of pounds at our fingertips.  It is all too important that we treat driving like a responsibility and give it the respect it deserves, this means nobody should be text messaging while driving, nobody should be using a phone unless it is a hands free headset, and even then you can get distracted.

Drivers should always pay extra attention and not engage in conversations where you are looking at your passengers and taking your eyes off the road, it is easier to say all of this than do it, but it could be someones life you take if you make the mistake.  Minor accidents are common, but so is accidentally hitting a kid or person crossing the street, fortunately my family drives as safely as possible.  We have never been the cause of an auto accident in more than a decade of driving, however we were “hit” 3 times in 5 years, twice by rear end collisions and once by someone T-boning us who ran a red light at 40mph and hit the side of our vehicle.

So today we take that only our property is a little damaged, nobody was injured in either car, but it could have been worse.  Had the guy been going faster, or maybe somebody not wearing their seatbelt, there could have been a neck injury involved.  Be careful driving out there, and for those of you who are careful, you need to not only watch how you are driving but be aware of everyone around you.  This is hard to do, but never assume someone will stop at a red light or a stop sign, always slow down at intersections a little to make sure nobody is going to blow through one.

Be safe drivers,

-Justin Germino

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