Hard To Find Time To Work Out

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I haven’t worked out in about three days, and I feel guilty and physically unhappy as a result. I actually am in a better mood after sweating and being breathless for an hour or so, I feel depressed and blue when I go too long without working out. You would think I was a highly conditioned athlete, yet I am still what I would consider slightly overweight and needing some toning, primarily in my stomach area only.

I was dismayed when I weighed myself on Wii Fit last week and saw that I had gained 6 pounds since September of last year, I was at my best down to a trim 158, and now crept up to 164. My 32 pants are tight and my 34’s are too comfortable again, but this is much better than my worst point of size 40 just over two years ago when I was 207 pounds.

My weakness is eating, my family enjoys eating breakfast, it is kind of like a tradition. We love to dine out, and IHOP, Denny’s, Mimi’s and all the local breakfast joints are why I am consuming 1500 calories as my first meal and I should not be. That topped off with working out less due to busy schedules and I have added some weight.

I just need to be more conscious in my decisions and force myself to find time to keep my body toned and fit, if you neglect yourself you will break down, much like if you neglect a car or a house. Your body is no different, feed it the right fuel, work it out, don’t neglect your body or you will have a much lower quality of life as you enter middle and old age.

But saying the words and acting are two different things, now I am not nearly at the point where I would start looking at taking strong weight loss pills, but I am at the point where I need to start calorie cutting again. One of my greatest weaknesses is food and it is a constant battle not to overeat or eat more calories than I should.

Just thought I would share this, I am one of the many thousands who battle with fitness and weight every day in the world.

-Justin Germino

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