Good Old Fashioned Table Top Dungeons and Dragons

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Last night for the first time in seven years my wife, two friends and myself sat down in our living room and rolled up some Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 characters.  I have been missing my favorite hobby for nearly a decade and it felt a little awkward opening books and volumes that had collected dust.

I have always been a fan of role playing games, especially ones that involve real life interaction with people and friends.  There is something you get as part of a gaming group in person that you don’t get playing anonymously online.  Role playing is something my kids will grow up knowing and help them in many aspects of their lives.

So now I have books, charts, maps and tables that I need to relearn and update over the next few days as we prepare for our first adventure that I have Dungeon Mastered since before my kids were born.  I am excited and nervous at the same time about this new prospect.

-Justin Germino

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