Last Call For BlogNetAwards Votes

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This is the last week of February and at the time of this writing my blog has 18 votes so far on BlogNetAwards. If you haven’t voted yet and you think my blog worthy of your vote, I would appreciate you taking the time to VOTE FOR JUSTIN GERMINO on BlogNetAwards. There is a video on the right bar which shows you how to vote (I made the video).

It is really simple, just click on “Log In”, if you don’t have an account you can just click register.
Anyone can create an account you don’t have to have a wordpress blog, all you need is an email address.
Register, sign in and then go back to my vote page and click on the # of stars you rate my blog.

If you think my blog is worth 10 stars, click on the 10th star to the right.

It is simple, and your vote is appreciated.

I am offering 500 Entrecredits to anyone who votes for me, just leave me your blog URL and/or EC profile URL in the comments.

-Justin Germino

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