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Paul the Octopus

This is probably old news to many people who were following the world cup but earlier this week I read about Paul the Octopus who is a celebrity in Spain and lives in the Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany. Paul the Octopus successfully predicted all seven of Germany’s matches in the month long tournament and even predicted that Spain would beat Germany in the semi finals.

To make these predictions they would paint the Country’s flags on mussel shells and then the Octopus would pick the flag that appealed to him at the time. This of course is pure coincidence I think, but the Octopus has gotten so popular that Spain requested borrowing or purchasing Paul the Octopus so they could keep him in their home Country. Sea Life spokeswoman Kerstin Kuehn made it clear that Paul the Octopus wasn’t going anywhere and there has been a little rivalry ever since.

By the way, Paul the Octopus also successfully picked Spain would beat out the Netherlands in the finals.

-Justin Germino

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