Lowering the Cost of Stamps

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I hear people complain about how the cost of postage keeps rising even though I wonder how many people are really sending letters anymore these days.  I myself try to pay as many bills as possible online through either the companies website or through my BillPay.

Postage however is still required for some mail correspondence and I send about 10 mail items per month which require postage, this is about $4.10 cents per month or nearly $50 per year just to send postage. Imagine the people who spend two or three hundred dollars per year sending postage and this adds up.

I wonder why the United States Post Office hasn’t opened up postage to advertising which would say allow big advertisers to brand postage, or even stamp their company on postage for a fee and the post office in turn wouldn’t have to increase prices and may even be able to lower them for consumers. I think the main reason this may not be done is to devalue postage stamps, but I am not opposed to having advertisements placed on postage if it would reduce the cost.

I also think that regular postal delivery doesn’t necessarily have to happen on Saturday’s, but I realize this would affect peoples jobs and cause them to earn less so would cut costs at the expense of cutting peoples working hours and income. What other ways could you come up with to save money for the United States Post Office as well as decrease the cost of postage for consumers?

-Justin Germino

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