Starcraft 2 Releases Today

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It is no suprise that Starcraft 2 has been the #1 selling video game on for a while in the pre-orders. This game has the weight of being the predecessor to one of the greatest real time strategy games of all time. Blizzard has only released a handful of games over the past several years and has mostly been focused with World of Warcraft that we shall see if they still have the creative power to reshape or at least hone the real time strategy game to where it feels fun, exciting and new again.

Here is some video footage of the game play of Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty I found on YouTube:

I myself will be heading over to purchase a copy of the game today and have been flirting with even taking a PTO day or two this week to just sit back and revel like old times in a new awesome game. So be sure and pick up your copy of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty if you are a RTS fan or a Starcraft fan, this is your chance to finally see what they hype is all about.

I will be doing reviews with screenshots soon.

-Justin Germino

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