Drinkable Champagne from the 1780s

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The worlds oldest drinkable Champagne bottles were unearthed from a shipwreck in the Baltic Sea recently. 30 bottles of Champagne were recovered and awaiting final testing from France to confirm the authenticity. The bottles were dated back to the 1780’s and one of the bottles was opened by diving instructor Christian Ekstrom who thought they bottles were wine or other liquor. The taste of the more than two hundred year old Champagne was described as sweet with tobacco and oak flavors.

If authenticated each bottle could fetch as much as $65,000 dollars which would make the total case worth nearly 2 million dollars. The fact that the Champagne is so old and still potable makes this an amazing discovery and watch for eccentric billionaires to move swiftly to add one or two of these to their collection I bet. These bottles of Champagne were believed to be on transport to Russia and make them nearly 50 years older than the previous oldest bottles of Champagne found which were dated to the 1830’s.

-Justin Germino

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