Parents Use Texting for Private Conversations

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You hear so many people talking about how texting each other in your own house is a bane against open communication and common courtesy, but parents of children are finding that being able to text each other messages in front of their children can help them make decisions, show affection, schedule “love time” and more without having to “spell out” words or develop their own “sign language” communication.

This is useful for parents who want to get a message to each other without prying ears from listening in and is actually a clever use of the technology. I have used this to ask my wife if she wanted to take the kids to a movie after dinner, where if my son would have overheard he would have pleaded audibly to both of us for hours and been upset and vocal about it had we decided not to go.

Of course this can go into the deeper issue of “sexting” but I wonder how many parents are using cell phones for this purpose? I don’t even have a camera on my blackberry, and just am not a part of that scene. (Does that make me a buzz kill or square?)

So makes you think what your parents are doing with that Free iPhone 4 they may have won while you aren’t paying attention.

How many other parents out there have leveraged texting or social media to have conversations with each other in their own house?

-Justin Germino

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