Leaving Las Vegas and Goals for Return

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The final day of CA World 2010 and my plane is about to depart for Phoenix, Arizona in the next hour or so.  This trip held me in sin city for about 6 days and I am looking forward to seeing my six and three year old sons who I missed enormously while traveling.

Many parents enjoy getting “breaks” away from the kids and I myself can usually enjoy a day or two without them, but five to seven days feels long and I really miss the interaction. My boys have changed my life in so many ways, and I know they are growing up so fast that it seems each week away is time I won’t be able to recover.

Meanwhile, CA World 2010 was productive, the networking was valuable as usual. Meeting with the CA developers and specialists for the products I worked with was also well worth the trip. James Cameron gave a fantastic speech that was inspiring, and he is truly a visionary and an inspiration of mine. I put him right up there with Sir Richard Branson as one of the top people who inspire me.

Maroon 5 gave an awesome show on Tuesday night for the CA attendee’s out at the Mandalay Beach, there must have been at least 4000 people there crammed up against the edge of the pool and the sand to watch Maroon 5 perform live.

I have about 600 emails to catch up on from work, and my blogging has been just on maintenance mode, was happy to see my AdSense earnings reach $35 for the month and earning while I took a break from blogging for a week.

I plan on going back to blogging with a vengeance on the weekend and am setting the following goals for this weekend.

  • Write 10 blog posts (across my 3 blogs)
  • Visit 30 other blogs, read articles and leave valuable comment
  • Write 1 guest post
  • Update and respond to my social networking profiles (SocialSpark, LinkedIn, FaceBook…etc which are all in wait mode)

I plan on doing this across Saturday and Sunday (probably at night when the family is in bed).

-Justin Germino

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