Using Cross Trainers for Endurance

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One thing I like about cross trainers is that you can work out your entire body with less impact to your ankle and knee joints and in less time than traditional running or treadmills.

I have owned a few different type of elliptical machines over the years and have enjoyed the machines that give you resistance to your arms as well as your legs. Machines that allow you to tune the resistance as you get stronger or if you want to do a higher impact workout so that you can burn more calories if you have less time to work out and exercise.

You can also find cross trainers for a variety of budgets including a decent selection that cost under $120 dollars and that still get the job done and help you increase your heart rate, tone your leg and arm muscles and build your stamina and endurance.

When looking for an elliptical or cross trainer you want to check up and read reviews on the products though, because you can find that some of the lesser expensive models will wear down at the moving parts faster than the higher end models. I had this problem with one of my ellipticals which started squeaking and then friction between one of the legs eventually wore out the side of the machine for my left leg.

I particularly like machines that keep track of your heart rate and set customizable “workout routines” where they can simulate a workout that starts light and easy, but gradually increases in tension and then eases out as the workout ends. These features are found in the mid range and high range machines, but are well worth the extra features.

I do like mixing working out with gaming, and am waiting for ellipticals to have integrated games where as you work out you run and gain score, or have some ability to integrate a game while using the device. I have seen similar “games” integrated with rowing machines and stationary bikes, and would like to see the same thing in cross trainers.

What is your favorite exercise equipment that you use most often?

-Justin Germino

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